Hormo Fruits and Dermo Fruits are made from fresh fruits and vegetables preserved with vitamin C and have a very good shelf life if kept out of direct sunlight.

Hormo Fruits are liquid extracts with their own characteristic odour and colour extracted and concentrated by a process which preserves all the inherent natural properties of the raw material. Thus they preserve; and contain a relatively high proportion of humectant vitamins, pectins, fruit and vegetable acids, amino acids and many other active materials usually destroyed in juice manufacturing processes.

Hormo Fruits have added phytostimulines of vegetable origin which have been used for many years and act as bioactivators to reconstitute and restore the skin. In fact ,they have been described as the intercellular hormones of plants and seeds and work in the same way to regenerate and stimulate.

Hormo Fruits have been fully tested on humans at the international biocosmetic research center in Milan. Micro enlarged photographs of all skin types before using hormo fruits, and the same skin types after fifteen days treatment were taken. Ten subjects in three age groups were used. No irritation or allergy occurred, they toned, softened and generally improved the skins appearance.

Recommended applications for Hormo Fruits:

Tan without Sun Lotion Hair Conditioning Lotions
Skin Tonics and Astringent Lotions Beauty Milks
Facial Cleansers Dual purpose creams
Face Creams Beauty Masks
Toothpastes and Mouth Washes Shampoos

A wide variety of hormo fruits are available from the exotic eg. passion fruit to the mundane cucumber.

Listed below are a few examples of their use and beneficial properties:

Strawberry Is astringent and tones the skin. Recommended for masks, tonics and lotions.
Tomato Is a toner, an emollient and bleacher and therefore excellent in hydrating masks.
Apricot Is caratonic and a restorative with an anti wrinkle action as well as having a softening and hydrating action.
Banana Is an excellent emollient giving skin a silky and smooth appearance.

The majority of fruits and vegetables can be supplied as hormo fruits and always come with a specification and full laboratory analysis.

We are always happy to supply any further information you may require.

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