The liposomes are microscopic cells, the exteriors of which consist of a phospholipid membrane. The external part of the membrane is hydrophilic in nature whilst the interior is hydrophobic, thus allowing the introduction of active cosmetic ingredients into the cell. The similarity between the structure of the components of skin and the phospholipid membrane allows penetration of the liposome and hence better utilisation of the active ingredient.

We currently offer: Liposomes Vitamin - A, C & E, and mixtures of these, based on soya phospholipids. They can be used, as such on the skin by massage until completely absorbed or dispersed in an aqueous gel.

Cosmetic Properties: In addition to the emollient and soothing effect of the phospholipids, each product has benefits derived from its encapsulated vitamin.

Liposome Vitamin A: Liposomized soya phospholipids/vitamin A acetate. Product has a tonifying, emollient action and is especially suitable for wrinkled and senescent skins.

Liposome Vitamin C: Liposomized soya phospholipids/vitamin C. Product has a bleaching and anti-oxidative action and is especially suitable for treatment of delicate skins and freckles. Liposome Vitamin E: Liposomized soya phospholipids/vitamin E acetate. Product has tonifying and emollient action and is suitable for treatment of wrinkled skin.

The liposomes are also excellent moisturisers, being able to absorb water and penetrate the skin which is thus rehydrated.

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